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64 года (родился 23 сентября 1953), мужчина
Баку, готов к переезду
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Специалист отдела планирования и отчётности в ПО Oracle Primavera

По договорённости, не готов к командировкам

Опыт работы 13 лет и 6 месяцев

    • март 2014 – май 2017
    • 3 года и 3 месяца

    Project Control Lead

    Wood Group Kenny, PSN, Баку
    Разработка и строительство / модификация нефтегазовых объектов


    Ensured Projects Controls Support of Client’ (BP Projects Leads and Managers) to: • Produce baselined master schedules & issued weekly update to monitor progress vs. plan • Analyze subcontractor’s schedules and implemented them into Master schedule • Develop WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) ensuring compliance with Project Program • Implement BP Critical Gates Criteria’s Review practice into master schedule • Create detailed Project Tracking S-Curve on the base of Baseline/Targets cumulative man-hours or activities durations to reflect retrospective and current progress of the whole project. • Perform implementation of approved changes into Baseline, Current Schedule, and Progress Tracking S-Curve. • Track Manpower and Cost (Act vs CTR), develop manpower and cost curves for project optimization. • Coordinate with contractors to generate few week look ahead forecast. • Submit Invoices and timesheets to the Clients for approval.
    • март 2013 – февраль 2014
    • 1 год

    Project Controls Manager

    Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC, Баку


    Established and maintained the project progress measurement and reporting system. Issued Civil Construction Department Annual Finance Plan, Budget & Cash Flow Schedule for 2014. Led Projects Status Evaluation Process including: • Project Evaluation Status assessment and reporting on the weekly & monthly bases • Collecting an information from construction sites and issuing DPRs to the top management • Costs & expenses tracking according to Project Budget accounts (Act vs Plan). • Detailed QTS (Quantities Tracking System) & CTS (Cost Tracking System) in accord with Projects Cost accountings. • Development of Schedules (P6 R8.3, MS Project). Critical Path and What-if scenarios analysis. • Progress Tracking S-Curves and Manpower histograms • Few Week Look Ahead – Resourcing Analysis and Forecast (Quantities/Man Power). Submitted Budget Tracking & Cost–to-complete Reports with EVM S-Curves on the monthly bases. Interfaced and conducted meetings with subcontractors (FEED, PMC, EPC, and EPCM) to improve reliability (certainty) of reporting.
    • июнь 2008 – март 2013
    • 4 года и 10 месяцев

    Principal Planning Engineer

    ENCOTEC Engineering Company, Баку


    Provision of all services concerning project planning, scheduling, monitoring, progress measurement and reporting: • Development and improving of Planning and Project Progress Measurement Procedures. • Site survey and development of Quantities Tracking System relayed on Bill of Quantities. • Implementation of approved changes into BL Schedules, PT S-Curve BL/Targets, Recovery Plan. • Development of  Schedules (P3, P6, MS Project)  Work Breakdown Structure  Progress Tracking S-Curves  Dashboard with Direct and Indirect Man Power Resources allocation  Progress Schematics (MS Power Point)  Detailed 2 Months Look Ahead • Periodical (Weekly, Monthly) issue of internal/external Project Status Reporting Information including updated P6 Master Schedule, 3MRP (3 Month Rolling Plan), Progress completion in %% (physical units), PT S-Curves and Forecast (2WLA). Used Critical Path Analysis. If Project delay or any schedule slippage discovered then promptly alert management and work out recovery plan and schedule.
    • сентябрь 2003 – февраль 2008
    • 4 года и 6 месяцев

    Planning Engineer

    MCCI (McDermott Caspian Construction International), Баку


    Planning Engineer (MCCI, Marine Division, Quay site) Works at Fabrication Yard (Pig Launcher/Receiver and Tie-in Spools Fabrication): Performed planning / scheduling functions that covers monitoring of pipeline spools and pig launcher / receiver fabrication, commissioning, testing and handover. • Development of Project detailed planning/scheduling activities in compliance with contract requirements (Master schedule including Baseline and Current Schedules, HL schedule). • Received from PLBG vessel and Fabrication Yard DPRs and WPRs (Weekly Progress Reports) in order to analyze and calculate the project progress and productivity. • Project Status reports development for external/internal progress reporting: Progress Report Cover page (completion in %%, physical units and budgeted/earned quantities), S-Curves and Manpower Resources Histogram. • Issued Bi-Weekly & Monthly Progress reports, Schedules, S-Curves, Manpower Charts/Tables) to MCCI Project Control and AIOC/BP Planning Group the status of subsea facilities fabrication. • Attended all technical meeting with Client representatives from BP, AIOC to report and discuss project progress, areas of concern and other problems according to agenda. Offshore Execution (Metrology, Pipeline, NRV and Tie-in Spools Installation): Performed project control functions that covers offshore execution works - planning, monitoring (ACG, PLBG), scheduling, and project progress measuring and reporting: • Received and analyzed vessels DPRs, Spools Fabrication Progress Reports and Procurement Expediting Reports, walk around Fabrication Yard and PLBG to check the status of progress, calculated physical percentage of completed work items. • Interfaced with MCCI adjacent departments (Cost, Procurement and Warehouse) and Captain Port staff, PLBG lead and senior engineers, closely cooperated with Client’s planning group. • Updated and issued Progress Reports incl. S-Curves and Level I, III schedules (Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly), prepared materials for Progress Reviews and Progress Presentation. • Attended all the technical meeting (with MCCI and Client representatives from BP, AIOC, and SAIPEM) to report and discuss progress of the project execution and schedule update, areas of concern, PO raised, spare parts delivery delay. Planner (MCCI, Offshore Platforms Fabrication Yard, PMT Office) Achievements: • Passed One-month training course for PIMS CMS Data Base software • Acquired solid skills of PIMS DB management and accurate performance of all procedures ensuring input & issue engineering documentation to control and reflect in database a status of all inspection, testing and verification steps during Mechanical Completion and Commissioning stages of ACG – I, II Project Development. • Studied and practiced Primavera P3 on the base of collaboration with AMOCO Planning group • Used VBA coding, designed and introduced new type of automatically updated Progress Reports:  MC & DMCC PLs Status Report  Drilling SH Tracking Register  Drilling MC Uncompleted ITRs Regress by Discipline (Chart and Table)  MC ITRs & DMCC Handover Completion Statistics by Disciplines  DUQ Topside DMCC Skyline and DUQ Topside PC Skyline  DUQ Drilling DMCC Skyline and DUQ Drilling PC Skyline  DUQ Topside PC Skyline-Retrospective and Drilling PC Skyline-Retrospective Automatically update of reports was established on the base of designed VBA code retrieving data from PIMS DB into Excel spreadsheets and modifying it to the tabular-graphic status reflecting completion and progress of the field activities by subsystems, disciplines, ITRs and DMCC acceptance for whole DUQ platform.


    • Высшее образование
    • Очно-заочная
    • 1985

    Азербайджанский Институт Нефти и Химии

    Факультет: Геофизические методы разведки полезных ископаемых (нефть и газ)
    Специальность: Горный инженер

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Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

KEY AREAS OF COMPETENCY Time Management – activities definition and sequencing. Estimating activity resources and durations. Definition of WBS that accords with Project Scope of Work. Schedule development and control. Resources Management – Resources utilization planning (CTRs), loading, tracking and analyzing its efficiency (PF). Levering to avoid getting activities overstaffed and to reduce these staffing excesses. Planning / Scheduling – Development of different types of Schedules (P6 R8.4, MS Project and Excel). Critical Path and What-if scenarios analysis. Elaborated all schedule to make sure that the program of work is feasible, achievable and reflects progress. Expedite, review and estimates subcontractor and vendor schedules to ensure plans are realistic and achievable and incorporated into master schedule. Cost and Budget Management - resources and cost load. Budget preparation and administration, monitoring and controlling expenditures. Maintaining of Budget tracking and producing Cost to Complete Report, Cash Flow Schedule, Histogram and S-Curve. EVM – analysis of PV, EV, AV, CV, SV, SPI, CPI, EAC, ETC to have Projects Cost and Completion Date predictable. Change Management – tracking the project changes (according to procedure) to incorporate them into live working schedule after approval. Analyze and report on the impact of changes on the time line of the project and to original budget, highlight delays, disruptions and budget overruns. Risk Management – participated in Risk Assessments Meeting for building a Risk Matrix and working out the means to eliminate identified risks. Support retained logic in schedules according to risk-assessed activities. Reporting – prepare Project Evaluation Status Report that includes: Progress assessment - planned vs actual dates, schedule slippages, critical delays and trend analysis. Detailed QTS (Quantities Tracking System) & CTS (Cost Tracking System) reflecting Cost Accounting. Progress Tracking S-Curves and Manpower Histograms, Few Week Look Ahead. Budget Tracking & Cost–to-complete Report. BT Standards and Requirements – Created schedules and WBS according to BP requirements: WBS, Workpacks content and duration, AGT Region Integrated Activity Planning Gate Criteria. Software – Primavera Project Manager P6 R16.1, MS Project 2013 & MS Office 2013 (+VBA) etr EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Mar 2014 – Mar 2016 Aug-2016 – up to date Wood Group Baku, AZ1010, 90A Nizami str., Landmark I, 5th floor Position: Planning Specialist Department: Project Controls Report to: John Bruce (Project Controls Manager) Scope of Works: Offshore Platform Modification Category C Projects Serviced Fields: Central Azeri, East Azeri, West Azeri, Deep Water Gunashli, Chiraq, Shakh Denis Alfa. Projects: Oil Production Flowlines & Gas Lift Installation Modifications, Sewage Treatment Plants Upgrade, Emergency Transformers Replacement, Life Rafts & Saving Shuts’ Installation, Modifications, Repair Orders etc Mar-2014 – Apr 2016 Wood Group UK ltd Baku, AZ1010, 90A Nizami str., Landmark III, 4th floor Position: Project Controls Lead Department: AGT Subsea Operations, Subsea Projects Team Report to: Mark Collins (WGK Business Development Manager) Scope of Works: BP AGT Region Portfolio Subsea Facilities Project Management & Engineering Support Current Project: BP 16’’ NRV Replacement 2014 – 2016 (Danny Miller) Completed Projects: BP Portfolio for Subsea Facilities Integrated Schedule (Mary S Nash) BP Flexible Pipe Lay System (Danny Miller) AIOC Delivery of Saturated Dive System (Danny Miller) AIOC Interim SFCV Support 2014 (Danny Miller) BP Caspian SFSV Support (Danny Miller) BP Capping Stack Vessel Feasibility Study (Ross Slater) BP Well H07/H08 Water Injection Tie-backs (Ross Slater) BP 14’’ PW pipeline Commissioning (Donald Tayler) BP 4’’ MEG Pipeline ILI (Donald Tayler) Swire Pacific Offshore SAT Dive System Installation on Seabed Supporter Mar-2013 – Feb 2014 Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC Azerbaijan, AZ 1073, Baku City Azizbayov Ave, 520/20 Position: Project Controls Manager, Civil Construction Department Projects: Binagadi Courthouse Construction (2013 – 2014) Project Manager Christos Legos Kindergarten Construction (2012 – 2013) Project Manager Edward Grace Baku Gelebe Square Underground Tunnels Construction (2013) Project Manager Mustafa Bashirov Vegetables Freezing Workshop, Georgia, Marneuli (2013) Project Manager Igrar Shiraliyev Scope of Works: Civil Construction Jun 2008 – Mar 2013 ENCOTEC Engineering and Construction Company, Azerbaijan Europe Business Center, Moscow Avenue 1025/30, AZ1078 Baku, Azerbaijan Position: Principal Planning Engineer Projects: BAKU SHIPYARD CONSTRUCTION (Jun-2011 – end of 2013) Clients: KEPPEL OFFSHORE & MARINE, ROYAL HASKONING UK LTD, SOCAR, AZR Field: Baku Shipyard LLC will be developing the new yard on a Greenfield Site adjacent to an existing SCS Deep Water Jacket Factory approximately 24 km south of Baku City Centre. Scope of Works: FEED, Project Management Jun 09-Sep 10 SHAH DENIZ CONDENSATE OFF-TAKE PACKAGE CONSTRUCTION Clients: NICA, Iran Republic British Petroleum Caspian Exploration, UK Field: BTC & AGT Oil & Gas Transportation Terminal in Sangachal, Azerbaijan Scope of Works: Installation of the new Condensate Export Metering Package, the New Pig Launcher, the new Pig Launcher isolation valves and new condensate export pipeline ((2.6km). Jan 08 – Feb 09 BTCX 1200 – Baku-Tbilisi-Cheihan Oil Transportation Pipeline Expansion Client: British Petroleum Caspian Exploration, UK Reported to Rick Irwin (BP BTC Project Planning Manager) Fazil Babayev (ENCOTEC Project Manager) Field: BTC PSA2 Construction Site in Evlakh, Azerbaijan Scope of Works: BTCX Project is an extension to the BTC Pipeline, and AGT Pipelines Project. Pump Station in Azerbaijan (PSA2) is to have DRA injection facilities in order to increase capacity of the BTC pipeline to 1.2mbpd by injection of Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) in it. Installation of DRA injection facilities is scope of Contractor. Sep 2003-Feb 2008 MCCI - MCDERMOTT CASPIAN CONSTRUCTORS INC (J.Ray McDermott Division in Azerbaijan) Position: Project Planner, Project Control Marine Division, 2006-2008 Quay Site Planner, Turnarounds Planner, 2006 Planner in PIMS Planning Group, SPS Building Site, 2003-2006 Project completed for SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) Jun, 2007-Jan, 2008 Oil Rocks – Bahar 20” Gas Transportation Pipeline, Scope of Works: Subsea Gas pipeline installation & tie-ins with support of Pipelay Bardge ‘Israfil Guseynov’, Diving Support Vessel ‘Mamed Suleymanov’, Pipe Hauling Vessels and Anchor Hauling Vessels. Projects completed for AIOC / British Petroleum Caspian Exploration, UK Jan-Jul 2007 ACG Oil & Gas Export Pipeline, DWG, PWDP Location: MCCI Marine Office at Quayside, Baku, Azerbaijan Scope of Works: Fabrication and modification of Subsea Check Valve Structures and Frames, Start up and Lay down Heads, Pig launchers and receivers. Spools fabrication and testing. Production of Flange assembly, Flange protectors. Flexible Flow Line and umbilical offloading and spooling on carrousel or vessel reels. 2006 ACG FFD Oil & Gas Export Pipeline, Pipelay Barge “Israfil Huseynov” Refit & Normal Maintenance Field: Port Captain Office at Quayside, Baku, Azerbaijan PLBG Refit Scope of Works: Stinger/Truss overhaul & calibration, Cranes/Winches/Davits repair & test, Pipe lay equipment refurbish & test, Power generator/Harbor generator/Compressor general maintenance, Fresh Water System overhaul & test, Accommodation/Galley/Open deck/Starboard side refurbish, PLBG open sea trials. 2003-2005 ACG FFD, Phase I - II (DUQ Offshore Platforms Fabrication / Installation) Field: PMT Office at MCCI SPS (DUQ Offshore Platforms Fabrication Yard)

Дополнительные сведения:

INTERESTS Gardening, Literary, Films, Music, Photography, Health (morning jogging, swimming)

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык, Cвободное владение
  • Русский язык, Базовый

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  • B — легковые авто

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